Monthly Archives: June 2009

Michael Jackson


Well, it’s been a long, long time. Perhaps if I just write shorter entries, I’ll post more frequently…

So, I see today that early word has it Michael Jackson’s dead. It’s very early “days” as I write this (the news came out in the last few minutes, with the obligatory “more to come…” caveat at the end of each article), but assuming it’s true (you never know with a guy who’s main objective in life in recent years was to become the world’s biggest bizarro) I imagine the combing through of his life and not least his physical person will captivate the ‘bloids for the next few news/infotainment cycles. I expect to hear about what truly lied under those wigs and other costumings, as well as other heretofore hidden secrets of the king of odd.

I wonder if he planned this in any way in advance. I wonder this only because I came across an article ( earlier today (by sheer and strange coincidence) about Jackson’s life that had him, in his most recent press conference for upcoming London concerts, saying “This is it, this is really it, this is the final curtain call.” Was he simply referring to his planned forthcoming concerts?

Michael Jackson, who for so long has been a bit of a lifeless, zombie figure, will maybe now have found his place in another, more appropriate realm somewhere.

I can’t say I’m gonna miss him, or even notice him gone.